Register holder: J&M Halme Oy
Address: Uranuksenkuja 18. 01480 VANTAA
Phone: +358 10 6168480
Contact person: Jarno Halme

If the Purchaser is an individual, he/she enters the following personal details into his/her Purchase Order: name and surname, full postal address, e-mail address, and telephone number. This information is necessary for the identification of the Purchaser and for any further communication.

If the Purchaser is a corporate body, the following information has to be entered in addition to the information above: company name, identification number, and VAT. If the Purchaser is a natural person, his/her identification number, VAT and information on the place of business have to be entered in addition to the information above. This information allows the carrying out of all the necessary accounting operations, the issuing of the invoice usually required by both Parties, as well as to identify the payment made by the Purchaser by means of wire transfer.

The Vendor is obliged to protect the Purchaser's personal data against any further disclosure and/or abuse. The above information is collected to increase the quality of the Vendor's services and the Vendor is by no means entitled to provide this information to any third parties without the Purchaser's prior consent.

By using the e-shop, the Purchaser agrees with the collection of personal data and data from his/her Purchase Orders according to the provisions above.

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